• "I enjoy exploiting tax structures, so that the tax burden for you and your company is as small as possible."
    André Micklich, tax consultant
  • "We are convinced of their expertise and their trustful collaboration. We are very happy to recommend their office."
    easy-PFAND, Arno Sommer, Geschäftsinhaber
  • "The commitment and motivation of our staff ensure your satisfaction."
    Dipl.-Ök., Michael Giesel, tax consultant
  • "Personal contact and talks are the basis for a trustworthy and successful collaboration."
    Dipl.-Ök., Martin Bünger, tax consultant
  • "We have been guided by Franz + Partner for many years – and we would choose their office again anytime."
    easy-PFAND, Arno Sommer, Geschäftsinhaber
  • "After having "tried" three tax consultancies over the years, I feel completely and competently advised."
    ISSENDORF KG, Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Eberhard Issendorff, Management


Business economics consultancy

Aside from our qualification as tax consultants or certified public accountants, we have completed business economic studies. The knowledge and experience in this field helps us to give you tips and improvement suggestions if we identify unexpected develop­ments. We can react quickly, because of regular contact with you, which is not only due to monthly activities. Your business partners, such as banks also expect this fast re­ac­tion. Your “rating“ with them improves if they know that you also consult us in your business economics.