Good Day

As a tax consultant you are the contact person for all topics concerning taxes matters for companies, freelancers, as well as private individuals – also partially with an international focus.

A great profession for anyone who enjoys dealing with people and who can think analytically.

Your possible tasks in a tax consultancy firm:

  • Economic consultation of clients with various professions or from different industries

  • Consultation to establish a business or succession

  • Tax planning, tax design incl. private and business tax returns

  • Financial accounting with continuous economic analysis

  • Cost accounting, liquidation plans, and yield preview

  • Annual accounts and profit assessments

  • Audit support

  • Consultation of clients in private asset matters and provision for old age

  • Remedies/fiscal court proceedings

Your opportunity for the future

The tax accountant profession has a future because taxes are always an important issue. The tax system is getting more and more complex and thus intensive advice is needed. Due to changes in the law and new regulations, it is necessary to continuously further one’s studies. Therefore, you never stop learning and continue to develop.

For anyone who wants to find out more about the tax accountant profession: