• "I was surprised about the friendliness and openness with which I was greeted by the partners and staff."
    Dipl.-Ök., Thomas Cordes, tax consultant
  • "I want to make sure that your interests have highest priority."
    Dipl.-Ök., Kerstin Robohm-Scholl, tax consultant
  • "Only in-depth know-how enables us to provide you with the best solution"
    Dipl.-Ök., Susanne Sommerfeld, tax consultant
  • "I would like to create a solid basis for your business decisions with you. This would be based on meaningful operational evaluations from financial accounting and cost and activity accounting."
    Dipl.-Ök., Monika Behrendt, tax consultant
  • "I enjoy exploiting tax structures, so that the tax burden for you and your company is as small as possible."
    André Micklich, tax consultant
  • "We are convinced of their expertise and their trustful collaboration. We are very happy to recommend their office."
    easy-PFAND, Arno Sommer, Geschäftsinhaber
  • "The commitment and motivation of our staff ensure your satisfaction."
    Dipl.-Ök., Michael Giesel, tax consultant
  • "Personal contact and talks are the basis for a trustworthy and successful collaboration."
    Dipl.-Ök., Martin Bünger, tax consultant
  • "We have been guided by Franz + Partner for many years – and we would choose their office again anytime."
    easy-PFAND, Arno Sommer, Geschäftsinhaber
  • "After having "tried" three tax consultancies over the years, I feel completely and competently advised."
    ISSENDORF KG, Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Eberhard Issendorff, Management


DATEV Unternehmen Online

The company solution of our software house „DATEV Unternehmen online“ ensures great flexibility in the work with our clients and allows the timely processing of business relevant data and analyses of your company.

After the product „DATEV Unternehmen Online“ was presented at the CeBit 2010, we decided early to test this new type of electronic processing of accounting data – at first in a pilot phase with a selected number of clients. We wanted to collect practical experience in this area. It was very quickly apparent that especially in working with mid-size businesses of all areas and legal forms this was a revolution in the flow of information and the exchange of data. Digital receipts and documents make it possible for us and our clients to quickly exchange and process business relevant data.

The receipts and data are exchanged digitally between us as tax consultants and our clients using a joint internet-based platform. These digital receipts are scanned timely by our clients and uploaded to the joint internet platform. This ensures prompt financial accounting, open-positions-lists, cost accounting, as well as preparation of economic evaluations, etc. Thus, you the entrepreneur and our firm always have the same current data, documents, and results to steer your business and economic controlling.

Furthermore, the product „DATEV Unternehmen Online“offers revision safe archiving of digital receipts (e.g. incoming and outgoing business invoices) and the chance for easy processing of the internal business processes up to the preparation and performance of ongoing payment orders and bank account transactions via HBCI or EBICS. This allows business procedures to be optimized and to prevent time consuming double data collections and errors.

After the pilot phase in 2010 with a handful of clients, we now offer this procedure for all clients. The procedure’s steady new clientele and regular new implementations confirm the great market interest and the validity of this approach.

If you would also like to use the modern and flexible infrastructure for data exchange and electronic processing of your receipts and documents for financial accounting up to payments, you will receive further information from our service datacenter DATEV eG.

We also offer you a cost neutral consultation to show and explain the advantages and approaches of new media for collaborations between the tax consultant and the company.

Please, ask us!