• "The commitment and motivation of our staff ensure your satisfaction."
    Dipl.-Ök., Michael Giesel, tax consultant
  • "Personal contact and talks are the basis for a trustworthy and successful collaboration."
    Dipl.-Ök., Martin Bünger, tax consultant
  • "We have been guided by Franz + Partner for many years – and we would choose their office again anytime."
    easy-PFAND, Arno Sommer, Geschäftsinhaber
  • "After having "tried" three tax consultancies over the years, I feel completely and competently advised."
    ISSENDORF KG, Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Eberhard Issendorff, Management

Office news

Erfahrungsaustausch zur DATEV Pro Umstellung


Unsere EDV Administrator Herr Brosch besuchte die DATEV in Nürnberg. Neben dem Austausch der Erfahrungen zur DATEV Pro Umstellung, standen außerdem noch Themen zur ZMSD, RZ-Kommunikation / Server, Benutzerverwaltung und neuen Programmen auf der Agenda.